Your pregnant now what?

Well you did the deed and it has been 3-4 weeks and you are late. What do you do? Well to start with that a pregnancy test. You can get them as cheap as $1 at the dollar store, or you can spend more money on fancy ones. You can get pregnancy test at any Walmart, target, CVS, Walgreen etc. Here are a few from First Response

This first one has a bent handle making it easier to hold and “less splash” Yes I have used this one.

This one says yes or no. (I have not used this one) Then there is Clear Blue. I have also used a few of them. Oh really I love to take pregnancy tests.

Alright now you have your test, and you peed on it like it said on the instructions. And bam you have two line or something that says you are pregnant! Congratulations… or not yet? Now that you have your test positive you really should go into a doctor/midwife where they will do a blood test to confirm your yes or no. Most of the time the doctors/midwife will have you go in at your 8 week mark. Also some doctors will do an ultrasound at this point to find out how many babies you are pregnant with.

It is very common during your first trimester to feel very sick. Welcome to morning sickness. This happens because of the surge of hormones going on. This can clear up at about 12 weeks. For some people it can last all pregnancy. If you are looking for ways to help with morning sickness make sure you check out my blog post about Seaband Mama. Always make sure you call your doctor before you take anything. Also if you are not eating or drink, or throwing it up make sure you let your doctor/midwife know as soon as you can. They may want to put you on something stronger. This way you can get some food in you.

During your first trimester (from week 1-12) you will go in about once a month. At this time they take your weight, blood presser, and some urine to test. They keep an eye on your sugars, and well as other things I am not really sure of. Not much going on at this point.

Once you hit your second trimester (13-27 weeks) they will talk to you about doing a growth ultrasound as well as finding out the sex of your baby. You will still go in about once a month. During the growth ultrasounds they can see if there are any problems with you or baby. For me when I had my first baby he had two wholes in his heart. He is fine now but it did make us high risk. If they feel like they need to do more testing your doctor will talk to you about it and what needs to be done. I did not need any other test done at this point. However with my daughter she measured at the 27 present tile. This was when they wanted her to do growth ultrasounds every month, till about 30 weeks. Then every other week, then at 36 weeks, once a week.

Third trimester (28-40 weeks) at this point if you have not done a Gestational Diabetes test they will want to do one. You will also start to move up how many times you go to the doctor. At about 30ish weeks they want to see you once every two weeks, then at 36 weeks they see you every week till you baby comes. They still check your weight, blood presser, and urine. But they also check your ankles for swelling and if you chose at 36 weeks they check your cervix to see if you are getting ready for the big day.

That is where I am going to stop at this point. Next time I am going to talk to you about the types of births; homes, hospital, water, birthing centers etc. Thank you all for following along and I hope this helps someone.


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