Wee Believers Plush Animals

Wee Believer has more then just really cute plush animals, and the animals are more then just any old plush animals. Let me first start by telling you about who Wee Believers are and why they are extra special to me. Wee Believers is a Catholic/Christian site that sells a ton of great religious things. For new born sweet toys to tween pillows, journals, and more. They also sell things for baptisms, first communion, baby shower and of course this time of the year, Christmas/holiday/seasonal goodies.

So here is what we got for our little girl Lilly. Fist is the Lucy the Little Lamb Rattle. This little lamb has the words “I am a Child of God” on it. Lucy is really cute and easy for little ones to hold. Lucy also come in a blue “Levi the Lamb” for little boys.

Lucy also come has a lovie. My boys loved this one… on their head!

Lucy or Levi is a great lovie for kids of all age. It also has the words “I am a Child of God” on it. But it is a great little lovie for kids to hold when they are sleeping, or if they are scared. The other one that I love is the Levi the Little Lamb

This little lamb when you squeeze it says/sing the Lord’s prayer. Now I am not Catholic, but that does not mean that Wee Believes toys can not work for me too. In our house we believe in God and having something that reminds my kids that they are a child of God is beautiful. If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one this maybe worth a look for you. If you are Catholic and looking for a gift that works with first communion and such, then you need to check out Wee Believers



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