WEBSUN Toilet Night Lights

In case you are not sure, I love toilet lights. I think they are really great for when you want some light at night but don’t want to have anything bright one. I love night lights but some times they are even to bright. This toilet night light from WEBSUN is great beacause not only does it light your bowl up but it also keeps it dark. But wait how can it do both? It is motion activated, that is right it only turns on when you walk by.

This lightbowl also has 16 different colors it can change into. There is no need to put this together other then just needing batteries. Then picking out what toilet you want to put it on.

Once you have picked what toilet you want to put it on, just bend the light part and then put it on. Simple and easy. From there you can ether have the colors flip through all 16 or just pick the one you want.

The only thing I don’t like about this one and really it is not a deal breaker. I wish that the colors changed more smoothly. But again not a big deal! Over all I love it. It works great and fun. Christmas is coming up and this would make a great white elephant gift for anyone. It great for pregnant woman who get up to pee a lot. Or kids who are potty training!

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