Video Baby Monitor The One That Worked For Me

Now that Lilly is older and sleeping better we are wanting to move her into her own room. But she is my baby and I want to keep an eye on her. I want to trust my boys to watch TV in the living room while I am doing something in the other room, but they are boys and trouble makers. So the only thing I can thing of is getting a baby monitor. The first time around my husband got one at the store and it really did not work at all. I really don’t need much, I would just like one where I don’t have to use on my phone (killing my battery) and one that has a good video. Well I found one, and I love it! This is a  3.5″ LCD Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor by BabyWombWorld

This may look like a simple baby video monitor, and it is. Simple and really easy to use. Mine came with just one camera and one screen. You however can use up to 4 different cameras. I love that I can use the 3.5 screen and not have to use my phone. Like I said I hate using my phone it kills my battery. Don’t worry about this one, you can ether plug it in or charge it so you don’t have to use the cord. Yes I said it you can charge this one, no need to keep buying batteries!

The screen works great with color in the day and a night mode at night. There are a ton of great features on this, not just the night mode. You can play music, change how bright it is, and even see the temperature. If you want to see more on how it works just watch my video. Then head over and get yours. BabyWombWorld


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