V28 Women 6-layer Mid Tulle Tutu

Skits I love to hate them! I love shirt don’t get me wrong but it is so hard sometimes to find ones you like. Ok its not that hard but still, it can be. I found this one from V28 and it looks really cute. So I had to try it out. Best thing is their skit comes in so many colors you are sure to find the right one for you. When I got it though I was a little scared, until I put it on and realized its really cute.


Now all I need is a really cute slick button up shirt. I think that would look so much better then just a simple black shirt.


Because the skirt is very much a long grown up tutu you have lots of room to move in it. It has a silk under skirt and so many layers of tool.


The waistband is elastic so you have lots of stretch room if needed, and the skirt is knee length. Oh man I just thought about how cute this would be with a pair of boots!!!


It’s fun it’s flirty it’s fabulous! At first I was really unsure of it but once I had it on and started to walk around I really started to love it more. The size fit just right for me. Make sure you check out V28 and see what other colors they have and get yours!


The maroon one is great for Christmas time!


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  • This skirt is so pretty and I like the color on you. It really is a good one to wear for the Holidays! I like that it is knee length and has a lot of stretch. I hate tight clothes.

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