Type 1 Diabetes hit our family

It was September 2016, I had just found out that I am pregnant and we needed to take my oldest son to the urologist. Over the past 2 years he has been on the 5 percentile for height and weight. I knew that was not right, but it was when he turned 5 and will still having major and I mean MAJOR bed wedding problems. Yes don’t get me wrong bed wedding is common in kids and can happen until 8 years old or even older. But they are talking about peeing once in awhile or even just wetting a pull up a little. But no I am talking about going threw two 12 hour bed time diapers and a bed pad! Yeah that is a lot of pee!!!

So when he started school his nurse called me one day and told me he had an accident at school. I thought that was really odd for him, he never has had that problem before. We where only dealing with him not telling us he needs to go to the bathroom until it was almost to late. So I knew something was going on. I had a really hard time getting a urologist to even talk to me before the school accident. Once that happened they where more then willing to take him in and look at him. The school nurse had also informed us that he was asking to go to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes.

So here we are at the urologist office. The only thing going on in my mind at that point was, YES we are going to get this taken care of. They did an x-ray, and even an ultrasound of his bladder to see what was going on. When we began to tell the doctor about what was going on she asked if he has ever been tested for diabetes. Both my husband and I looked at each other and kinda brushed it off. We did not see the problem with getting him check for it while we where there, but we KNEW he did not have it.

We went home an hour later, and he went off to play. That was when I got the worse call of my life.

I remember it like it was yesterday:

“Katie?” -dr

“Yes” -me

“Where is Aiden?” -dr she says this like is going to die if I can’t get to him within seconds.

“He is in the basement playing. Why?” -me

“You need to get him to the ER right now. His blood sugars are in the thousands.” -dr

At this point I begin to cry almost hysterically. I did not know what normal blood sugar rang should be, but I knew that was not good. The doctor begin to try and talk me down. But I told her I just needed to have my freak out moment right now so when I get my son I am not crying and scaring him. Because my husband had gone to the doctors appointment with me he was working from home that day. I had opened the office door (he was on a work call) and I am still crying, I told him we needed to get to the ER right now and to call his mom. I needed someone to come right now and watch the other two kids.

Once we rushed him to the ER they took his blood and said it was 697. So why was there more sugar at his doctors office? They did the test based off the sugar in his pee vs his blood. They then rushed him back and put him on an IV and ran more test. I can’t even tell you how brave he was acting. Mind you he was 5 years old and did not cry once. It was like he some how knew there was something not right. I am so glad they found out what was wrong. But then the guilt kicked in.

I hated myself. I really thought that I caused this. But the doctor came right out and told me with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) it is not something that I or anyone caused. It is an autoimmune disorder that you are born with. It just takes time to attack your body until your pancreas can no loner work. Some people find out as young as 9 months and some as old as 60.

It has been 8 almost 9 months and he is doing the best he can with it. We where so lucky to find out before it became to bad. I am going to be posting more about what we have learned, and how he is now on a pump.

This has been one big reason why I had to step away from the blog. Now I feel like it is time for me to open up and help others.


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  • What a powerful message. So amazing to share with other mamas! Your kiddos are blessed with such a wonderful mom!

  • Isn’t parental guilt a terrible thing, guilty over the things we can not in any way control. You did all of the right things and got him to the people who can help your famlly understand what is going on and what needs to be done. I hope all is well.

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