Tuxedo Leggings from Lazy Caturday

There is nothing scarier to me then getting legging in that says one size. Ok yes I am a little on the bigger size, and that is why I am very worry about getting anything that says one size. Not to mention when I opened my Tuxedo Leggings from Lazy Caturday they looked like they could fit my kids! There was no way on Earth that this legging would fit me. Now I have to give you a disclaimer, I am not a leggings person. Not that I don’t think they are really cute but that I have not found any that I like. That may be because they are to tight around the legs and lose up top! Over all this one is not to bad. Like I said when I opened it at first I did not think it would git me but it just needed a little loving in the legs. It is really tight though and maybe that is just how legging are supposed to be.

Like most leggings it is best under a longer shirt, or dress. But they where really soft and I was able to wear it all day without it itching. However my son loves my leggings more then I do. Yes it is a one size fit all. While he has to roll them at his ankles a bit, they do fir him.

The leggings comes in two different colors; a charcoal grey and chocolate. Mine is the chocoatle one.

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