The Ridge Wallet: a great gift for the men in your life

There are very few items that men carry around everyday.

Keys, glasses, a cell phone, a wallet.. It’s that last one that I’m going to address here, but let me broaden the scope a bit; let’s discuss gift giving.

I’m sure we’ve all had difficulty finding a gift for someone—people are hard to shop for! You have to be able to think about someone and say “this (whatever it may be) will improve their life in some way shape or form.” It can be a lot of pressure deciding on something like that. Unsurprisingly, we often default to gift cards or sweaters or, my Grandma’s favorite, a new pack of socks.

And while these are always appreciate, let me ask you this: if you’re going to improve anything in someone’s life, why not make it something that matters? Why not make it something they’ll use frequently? In fact, why not get something they’ll enjoy using everyday?

That’s right: a new wallet.

Let’s all remind ourselves of those bulky leather billfolds that line the pockets of men all over the world. They’re large, inefficient, and so ergonomically unsound that they’ve been known to cause back problems. The shortcomings of traditional wallets is so widespread, people don’t even seem to notice. Men everyone have become so comfortable with that cash carrier that they don’t know what they’re missing.

Imagine changing that with a gift! Every time the man that you so generously bestowed with a new wallet has to whip out his debit card, they’ll have you to thank! That’s a good gift. So before deciding to outfit your nephew with a new set of undies, look into a new wallet. I can promise you—you won’t regret it.

Now—and I may be biased—as far as new wallets go, it doesn’t get much better than The Ridge.

The Ridge is a slim, front pocket wallet that comes in titanium, aluminum, and polycarbonate; what started as a father-son kickstarter project is the go-to wallet of over 200,000 men around the globe. The elastic bands allow the wallet to stretch to hold from 1-12 cards, with everything else fitting conveniently in the detachable money clip or elastic band.

You can check them out here.

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