Snow Flurries LED Lights

I have been married for 10 years now and I have to say my husband has never put up the Christmas lights before. Most of the time it was because we did not have lights but other times we did and he was just to “Lazy” to put them up. Yes he is busy but he also has told me he does not like the time it takes to up it up. This makes me said because I love Christmas so much. Well this year thanks to GAXmi we will at least have snow lights up! Really you can this this anytime of the year, in fact we used it in our living room for the first time. Just to see how it worked and my kids went crazy! They loved having a snow day in the house.

The light was so easy to use. There are 5 different click, the first one turns it on with a high speed fall. The second one turns it to a medium speed fall. The third one is slow. The fourth one is where it slowly changes from fast to slow and then the fifth one turns it off. Really simple to use and fast to up and down.

Now that means this year my husband has no excuse to not have some time of lights up. But like I said this is not just good for Christmas it also good for any party. It just adds that extra that extra fun and sparkle. Two of my boys have birthdays coming up in the next two months so we will be using it for then. But we also just turn it on at night so the kids can have a snow day in the house.

What ever the reason is for this Snow Flurries LED Lights by GAXmi you should get one. I love mine. We have and will be using it for more then just Christmas time.


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