SeaBand Mama for Morning Sickness

I don’t know about you but I was sick with all four of my kids. I was always looking for ways to help my stomach while not taking a ton of medication. With my second child I found this really cool product that saved my stomach and best of all I did not have to remember to take any pills. It is called SeaBand Mama. And it is not a pill at all. It is a wrist band that you can wear 24/7 and puts presser on your presser point to help relive nausea. However I never knew how much stuff they really have!

Lets start with the wrist band they are the ones I have used the most. I saw it at a local store and got it. I can tell you it sure does help to keep the edge off. I wore it everywhere I went. Because it is a cloth wrist band you wear it while you are showering, swimming, sleeping you name it. Also because it is cloth it is comfortable. They also come in blue too. This way anyone can use them, even boys. They are great for car sickness, air sickness and more.

Little did I know that they had more then just the wrist bands. They also have oils and ginger lozenges! Both are great for pregnancy and every say nausea. Lets start with the oil though.

It is pocket size so great to keep in your bag. Because lets face it morning sickness happens at all hours of the day. It is simple to use as well. Just roll a small amount on your wrists, temples or check as needed. Like all oils and other meds keep out of reach of children.  Everything in here is safe to use while you are pregnant, and it smells so good. If you want to see more about the roller click the link, sea band mama essential oils

Now lets move on to the Sea-band mama ginger lozenges. Yet another great product for more then just when you are pregnant. They are great any type of motion sickness.

I don’t normally like ginger but I have used something like this once when I was really nausea and it worked great. This is a must to keep in your medical cabinet for any time. Just make sure you follow the directions on the back. Make sure you check out my video review too.

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  • The ginger lozenges are a great product to have on hand with the intense nausea that you can get with pregnancy. I wish I would have had these.

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