Sanifer Women Lace Long Sleeve Tunic Top Blouse

Now that I have learned to Dress Your Truth (I link the post about it when I make it) I have been able to shop and find cloths that look good on me, because its who I am. So when I saw this Tunic top from Sanifer I knew that their tunic would work. Why? Well for one they have the tunic in a few different colors. So I know I can find the color that works best for me. But it is also long (that is why they call it a tunic and not a shirt). But I also love the lace at the bottom to add a little elegance to it. This time around I picked out the coffee color. It is nice, its more like a light brown/grey color.

Over all the feel of the tunic is nice. I like the fabric is soft but think enough that it will keep you warm. I do not really like how tent like it feels on the waist. No it is not because I bought a size to big, that is just how it is. However it works great with a belt, or if you are pregnant.

The neckline is great, not too high or too low. This works great with jeans or leggings, and because it is a sold color you can get away with fun patterns of leggings.

I like the tunic its really nice. Like I said I think its just a little too tent like. This is also coming from a girl who likes to show off her size. I have lost weight and last thing I want to do is keep hiding myself. But like I said it works great with a belt too. Make sure you head over to amazon and check out the different colors and get one for you.



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