Professional Foot File Set

Fair warning I am going to show you my nasty feet. But I have to, to tell you about this foot file. First of all I love to go get pedicures. If I had the money I would go in every week or two and get a pedi done. With it being summer time I wear a lot of sandals. But sandals long term can give you dry feet and can give you lots of calluses. So I needed a way to lose the calluses without paying so much money on pedis? How about 2 Piece Professional Foot File Set! I always made fun of the cheese graders they use on my feet, but it helps.

With the 2 pieces only one is double sided. Using this tool is really easy. You will want to start by soaking your feet. You may add any salts, oils, soaps etc. Then you will want to take the “Cheese grader” as I call it. It is the one with the safety cover and only one side. You will want to slowly with a little pressure scrub it on your calluses. Then use the coarse side with the “bubbles”, after that use the soft side of the double side to smooth it all out.

This is what my feet looked like before using it.

As you can see dry and lots calluses. But how did I like it?

It worked will for the first time. You can tall on my heel that it took some calluses off. But with the dry skin you can tell it took some off. I think if I use it again in a few days more will come off and heal up. I also put lotion on after too. Over all a great product to have on hand at home when you just can’t go get a pedi. Make sure you get yours at. Fairyland on Amazon.


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  • I need this. My feet are getting to look like “old people” feet. I need to take better care of them. Thank you for the information.

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