Premama Fertility review

For anyone who is planning on starting a family we know it can be hard. Some women get lucky and some women need a little help. That is where Premama Fertility comes in. You can get this at your local Target, just call and make sure they have it in. It took me a few few weeks to make sure that my Target had it in stock. OK so now that you know where to get Premama Fertility, what is it? Simple it is a drink that you drink once a day to help boost fertility. Now I know what you are thinking, oh great another nasty drink to try and choke down. Don’t worry that is not a problem. It has no taste, no really it doesn’t!!!

But what is in Premama that helps? Two things Myo-Inositol, and Folic Acid. Myo Inositol is a vitamin B complex supplement for fertility, pregnancy, PCOS. In recent years, myoinositol has been studied extensively as a fertility supplement in women undergoing IVF treatments, and has shown great promise as a natural way to improve hormone balance, ovarian function and egg quality. (

The only draw back for me is the Folic Acid. Again I know what you are thinking, but we call need folic acid. Well my husband has this gene mutation called: mthfr gene, so he and almost everyone in his family can not bread down folic acid. ( But for people who do not have this gene mutation its not a problem.

Moving on. So this drink comes in individual packages, making it great to take one the go.

Each box has 28 packages to help you right up till, you know that horrible red not friend of yours might show up! I liked taking my first thing in the morning with a large glass of water. I need to get better at drinking water so that is why I do it. But you can still use it in other ways. I have put it into my yogurt drink, smoothies and even milk shakes. You may even be able to sprinkle it in your cereal, tea, coffee, or hide it in your lunch.

As you can see from my picture the one on the left has nothing in it and the one on the right has it mixed it. So not only can you not taste it but you can’t see it! Want to see more? Check out my video.

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