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Prefolds are the type of cloth diapers my mom used on me. A prefold diaper is normally made of cotton but can be found in fabrics like hemp as well. They are budget friendly and easy to wash. Did you know they even come in sizes! From left to right are a newborn, baby and toddler size prefold.

There are several different ways to fold the diaper and place on your child, or stuffed monkey in my case.

Here is where you can have choices beyond how to fold. You can use the classic method of diaper pins.
Or you can use an awesome closure called a snappi. Which come in sizes as well. They work like an ace bandage closure with little teeth that grip the fabric.
Next you will need a waterproof layer. The diaper cover can be reused because all you need to is change out the soiled prefold. If the cover gets soiled it can be hand washed and hang to dry. I find it handy to have at least 3 covers on hand.
A prefold can also be laid inside the diaper cover (flip style covers have a place to tuck it inside the front and back to help hold it in place.
So if you are looking for a budget friendly, easy to wash cloth diaper choice give prefolds a try.

Find Snappi here. Cotton PreFolds

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