Portable Cooling Stand

I love having a little of a stand for my laptop. This way it does not over heat and so when I type I have it a little at an angle. So I got this one fromĀ Device Stand. Over all its just ok. I like it but don’t love it. It came with 4 little legs and 4 stickers that had magnetic round ball on it too. The sticker where a little hard to get off. In fact two of my four did not want to come off at all. I almost tore up the black part of it.

Once you have the red part off you just need to stick it to whatever to want to be lifted. In my case I wanted the back end of my laptop lifted. You could also lift your cable box, or anything that might over heat. From there you just place the 2/4 legs right under the magnetic and it should hold still. However mine does not hold up well. Its not bad but don’t even think about moving your laptop.

Even the magnetic part do not want to stay in the middle. They keep moving away from the middle. So sure it helps but it is not one of the best way.

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  • That sounds like just what I need for my laptop. It runs too much since OS10 installed itself on my laptop. I will have to check it out.

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