Pokemon Birthday Banner

This year my son will be turning 7 and he loves all things Pokemon. So finding Pokemon decorations, food and games is my main goal. But before I get into all the other good stuff let me talk to you about this really cute banner that works great for all Pokemon fans. I got this  Happy Birthday Banner, Pokemon Style Party Decorations, Birthday Party Supplies on Amazon.

First of all it comes not put together. This way you can tie the black ribbon together and make one big long one, like I did. Or you can do as you see with their picture and have “Happy” on one ribbon and “Birthday” on the other.  

Each letter has its own Pokemon on it. It also has the whole already poked on. So like I said all you have to do is out the ribbon on each letter. The cards are really nice, they are not thin little papers. And of course they have a few of the most know Pokemon on. Pickachu, Eevee, Squirtle and so on.

I can’t wait to see what my son says when he sees this banner on his birthday. Like I said if you are looking for a decorations for a Pokemon party, this banner is great. It really does help pull it all together!

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