Pocket diapers

The most common cloth diaper style you see now are pocket diapers. They are easy to use and you can find a brand to fit any budget. But did you know there are different styles of pocket diapers? The great thing about one size pocket diapers is that they are truly multiple sizes on the same diaper. This is where we get into the different styles. You can adjust the size with snaps or the inner elastic.

With three rows of snaps you can adjust your diapers rise to grow with your baby.
An inner elastic rise adjust is like your bra strap, it sides up or down to change the size. With these styles you have a little more flexibly with the exact size, but I have found the elastic has stretched after 2 years of loose and I can’t get a tight fit anymore. The other major difference is the front of the diaper has a smooth finish because of its lack of rise snaps.
Depending on the brand the diapers inserts will be stuffed into a pocket opening on the front or back of the diaper.
You can even get them with Velcro or “hook and loop” closures. A favorite with my mom. Also a great choice of daycare, husbands or anyone nervous about using cloth because they go on very similar to a disposable. The problem with Velcro is as babies get older they can figure out how to take it off. Keeping shorts on solves that problem. Also the Velcro can wear out but can be replaced.
Velcro diapers have a laundry tab that is used when washing so the Velcro doesn’t catch on other diapers in the wash.
The last is a pocket diaper with an inner elastic gusset. This makes a little well to catch that newborn or soft baby poo.
The diapers shown above are:
Bumkins– the green diaper with rise snaps.
Charlie banana– brown diaper with inner elastic rise adjustment
Rumarooz– blue diaper with Velcro
Other common pocket diaper brands are bum genius, Alva, and sunbaby, but there are tons of choices.

Pocket Diapers

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  • I cloth diapered both of my children. Pocket diapers were so convenient and easy to put on. Our babysitter was at first very concerned about using cloth diapers, but once she tried the pocket diapers she said they were super easy.

  • I love pocket diapers! I love being able to choose the absorbency that’s right for my baby!!

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