Peacock Feather Hair Clip

I am so sad that my little girl, now 5 months still has no hair!!! But that does not mean that I can’t get a ton of cute hair things for when she has hair. However this  Peacock Feather Hair Clip is one that I might keep for just me.

I mean really look at it. It is so stinken cute. Not only do they use peacock feathers but it really nice black tear drop rhinestone. It really is the finishing touch that this clip needs. The clip is great too you can tell they really took their time to make this a nice hair clip. While this Peacock Feather Hair Clip is being as wedding, bridesmaid clip I wear it every day.

The back of the clip is a nice clip too. It holds onto your hair nice without pulling it out. I have to says though it works more as a decoration then a clip to hold the hair up for a long time.

Oh wait I forgot to tell you, you get two! Meaning one for three things. You can use just one for a hit on fun, two for extra love or you can wear one and your daughter can too! Well in my case when she get hair!

Over all I love this. A lot. It is cute and fun. Nice though for every day but also great for special occasions.



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