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I would like to say we all love to dress our babies in fun outfits. I know that I sure try. My little Lilly is three months and 12 lbs. So when I go to buy her cloths I get 0-3 month clothes. Some times 3-6 months will fit her. But I got to review this really cute “Party at my Crib” onesie. It comes in two colors, ether a white or aqua. I don’t know about you but I hate to buy white clothes because they always seams to stain them. With the aqua color I can just add a cute bow or flower and she is good.

Anyhow I got this one on amazon and you can check it out Fayfaire PartyAtMyCrib Just keep in mind that it does run a little small. Like I said for Miss Lilly I buy her 0-3 month and sometimes 3-6 months clothes. The one that I got was a 0-6 months and it barley fit her.

But with that being said I do love it. I love the color, but on camera it turns up more of a blue then an aqua. I love how the letters are black with the sliver dots to make it pop. As well as the disco ball has the sliver gloss to it. It has three button on the bottom to keep it closed. I hate the ones that only have two.

Over all I love the onesis, just know if you are going to get one make sure you get it bigger then you need. Make sure you check out the video of it two. You can see her dancing, because she is ready for that party!!!!



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  • This is such a cute outfit that looks great on your baby and i love the color. My sister needs to get this outfit for her baby girl!

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