Parenting in Public

As a parent we can’t help but get judged for everything we do or don’t do. I have had people tell me how well behaved my kids are and I have had people say nasty things to me as I am trying my screaming child out of a store. It seams like everything you do, someone has to say something. So let me tell you about how I almost lost my cool and wanted to punch a lady at Wal-Mart today. First of all I understand school starts in a week or two and everyone is trying to get their stuff, so it is stressful. My son (4 year old) brought in a bottle cap and I told him that if he dropped it he would lose it. So what does he do…? He drops it. I then picked it up once and said, if you do it again it will be gone….. so what do you think happened?

Yep he dropped it. I told him it was gone, and the tears came…. and did not stop! There is nothing worse to me then my kids throwing a tantrum in a very busy store. Mind you I had all four kids with me, two cart and my husband and I picking things out for our oldest to go to school. We very nicely informed him that he needs to stop. But lets face it he is four! Then gave him a minute or two to try and clam it down by talking to him…. no go. So we then said if you keep this up daddy is going to take you to the car.

Now let me tell you what that means. No it does not mean spanking, yes I have spanked my kids when it was needed. And by that I mean a tap on the butt, no beating, no belt and even then that so rare if ever. But they do better when we put them in time out. They hate that more then a butt spanking. Most of the time it means taking them just right out of the store so they will not be throwing a tantrum in the store bugging people. Sometime it means losing a toy. But for the most part its just time out so they can get it together and then back into the store to keep going.

Well when he would not stop my husband said ok lets go, and took him out of the cart and took him by the hand and out of the store. At which time some lady (about 10 years older then me) looked at me and began to go off on me! I began to tell her that I am trying to raise good adults and not spoiled little brats who think they run the world. She then began to tell me that I beat my kids and I am a bad mother and how she is going to call CPS one me. Oh dear lord that worked me right up and I started to yell at her. I told her she should call them on me, because they have nothing. They could even look at the cameras and see that not once did we hit our child. It got so heated I told her she might even want to call the cops because I am so close to punching her in the face and then I walked off.

I swear if your kids are throwing a fit and you do nothing you are a bad parent, and if your kids is throwing a fit and you take them out then you are a bad parent. Yes I should not have let her get to me but it makes me so mad. I will not allow my kids to behave like brat while we are out. You don’t want to hear it and I don’t ether. I see nothing wrong in taking out kids and letting them work out their cries until they are done. Once my son was done he was fine and great the rest of the day, in fact I had another lady tell me how well behaved my kids are. All in the say store in the same day. So clearly I must be doing something right.

At the end of the day we need to parent our kids and not be scared to do it in front of other. Some people may not like it and other will thank you for not letting them get away with crap. Keep your head up and know that at the end of the day your kids are going to grow up to be adults, now is the time to help teach them how to be well behaved, respectful adults.

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