Organic Slimming Anti-Cellulite Cream

First of all this will not make you skinny, only diet and exercise. However it will, at least it did for me make your skin smoother and tighter. I really did not think this would do much. We have all seen thing like this before claiming to help you lose weight and make you skinnier. But I was surprised how much I really liked this Organic Slimming Anti-Cellulite Cream. I like that is natural with no added chemical. It has Grapefruit, lemon, Juniper Berry, Jojoba oil, Emodin, and Glycerin. This slimming cream works great for both men and women.

When I opened this the inner lid was hard to take off and then it got stuck in the top lid so I can not close it all the way anymore. Each jar is 7oz and really easy to use. You will want to ether shower first or just use a warm wet wash cloth and wipe your abdomen. Then take a small amount to start with and massage it in. The reason why you will want to start small is because it does have a warming feeling and if you do to much it can feel like it is burning.

I like doing mine at night because it keeps me warm for awhile. Now I have not been doing it every day. I have been doing it every other day, and I can tell that my skin looks smoother and tighter.
OH and I forgot to tell you how much I love the smell of it.
If you are not sure if it is working for you, make sure you take a picture of yourself before you start, then take one again after a week of using it. This way you can see how well it is working.

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