Natural Facial Mask 3 Tube Bundle

My favorite time of the week is bath night. Yes once a week I enjoy taking a bath. Wait let me explain, I shower every day but once a week I enjoy kid free time. This is why I love bath time. Not only do I get to sit there and relax in a warm bath but I always try to do a face mask once a week. Because I don’t want to over do my skin I only do one once a week, so it took me three week to really try my new face mask out. That is right I got three different type of face mask.

Activated charcoal peel off (which I did not know) for acne. Helps to naturally clean off the grease and ance causing bacteria. However ever when I fist used this I did not know it was a peel off one. There was no info when I got the mask, I had to look it up. So it did not feel well taking it off. But now I have to try it again.

Bentonite clay removes extra oil. This one was nice, and not hard to wash off at all. It helps to make skin look smoother while giving you a more youthful elasticity. It is a little thick to put on but it does dry fast. My skin did feel softer once washing off, but dry. So I made sure that I put some face oil on it after.

Then my favorite one is the green tea match anti-aging. This one is great to help with so many things: redness, acne, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines. Putting on the green tea one was smooth and soft. Washing it off was like heaven. It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. By far the best one for me.

Face mask are great for any one and with Christmas coming up makes a great stocking stuffier! I really love this brand and I love that I got to try out three different one. Remember if you want to get yours check them out on

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