Mug Addiction

Yep you heard it right from me. I have a mug addiction. But I have found my all time favorite one lets just say “To Save Time Let’s Just Assume Katie Is Always Right” OH you’re not a Katie don’t worry that is where you can put your in name. This mug comes in white or black, and the writing is on both sides.

This mug comes in two sizes 11 oz or 15 oz. Ordering and shipping is simple and easy to use. You just make sure you put your name in, pick the color of the mug. Then head to check out. They always have great deals going on too. The mug came in great time and without any scratches or dings.

My to save time mug is a great size for a small cup of coffee or in my case hot chocolate. I have been able to put it in the dishwasher and the microwave with no problems. Now in the morning when my husband or kids think they know it all, all I have to do is tell them to read the mug and back away.

This mug is great for you or anyone as a gift. But if you are not a mug person 5amily has a lot of other great gift ideas.


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