Motion Activated Toilet Night Light with UV Sterilization

Listen I have been trying really hard not to freak out in excitement ever time I go to the bathroom at night. I know that is a funny thing to say, but I got this really cool toilet light. But it is more then just a light, it is a  Toilet Night Light and UV Sterilization. Not only do I get up to use the bathroom at night but so does my two other boys. Most night lights I have found are to bright for me. But this toilet light is amazing!!!

It has motion activated lights so it is not on all night long. It does not work when there is a lot of light on, which you don’t need it on when its light anyhow. Once it detected movement it will stay on for about two minutes, so long as you don’t turn the light on. When the light comes it cycles through 8 different colors, or you can set it to just one color that you one. I like having mine on the 8 colors its so much fun that way.

But wait I told you it was a sterilization light too. Yep, it has two light bulbs on it. One that changes the light color and one that is a UV light. The benefit of having a UV light on there is that it kills 99.9% of bacteria. Best thing is you don’t have to remember to change the light over. It does it for you after it goes thought the light cycle.

It always works automatically after colorful LED turns off, stays on for 25 seconds and off for 5 seconds, the mode will repeat 4 times and overall takes 120 seconds”

The blue light here is the UV light and the green one is the normal light.

Putting this on your toilet is really easy to do too. Make sure you check out my video so you can see it changing. It really is amazing. I am going to have to buy this in my guest bathroom, and maybe as a Christmas gift for my parents. If you don’t have one you should get one.

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