Moon Love Pendant Necklace that Glows in the Dark

Yes you read that post title right, this is a necklace that glows in the dark. No I am not talking about a cheap little girl one I am talking about a grown up cute one. I want to start by saying I love moons. I feel in love with them way back in my elementary school days watching Sailor Moon. I don’t know about you but I have seen a lot of necklaces on Facebook that glow in the dark, and man on man I had to get my hands on one.

I was worried at first when I got my Moon Love Pendant Necklace I thought it might look like something a tween would wear. But I was surprised as to how nice it really is. The chain is about 10-20 inches longs. Which is great depending on what shirt you are wearing. It is also not to big or heavy.

The moon has a nice pattern to it and the heart does not look like it could break easily. But how well would it glow in the dark? Well I wore it out one day for about half an hour maybe closer to an hour, and oh boy. Not only did it glow in the dark, it glowed in the light! Not as bright as when it is dark of course but you could tell it was glowing.

Not only did it glow but you could see it with my camera phone. Most of the time when you are doing glow in the dark pictures it is hard to see. But as you can it… its amazing. This would make a great gift for an one. Make sure you pick yours up….  Moon Love Pendant Necklace


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