Minnie Mouse Winter Girls Clothes

Winter is in the air! Ok not yet today it was still 90′ But it is coming up in a few short weeks. Time to go shopping for all the cute girl winter clothes. I can’t even being to tell you how excited I am to buy clothes for Lilly. And I love this Minnie Mouse outfit. However I got it a little too big for her this year. I got this from a company called¬†Babies R Here¬†and if you are going to buy from them just know that it takes a few weeks to ship in. That was one reason why I bought mine a little big, but Lilly is still small.

That being said I love this outfit. It is soft and really cute. It does not show on the outfit what size it is so make sure you know what you are ordering.

The pink is more like a pink/peach color not your normal dark pink/red color. But I still like it. But in true Minnie Mouse style it has the white poka-dots. The pants has an elastic waistband and pockets. The sleeves are long, which are great for winter. But I also like that it has a little fluff on the sleeves. This gives it a spunky fun look.

On Minnie’s head she wears a cute little bow. Over all this is really a cute outfit.

I still can’t get over how soft it is. The only thing I do not really care for is how pricey it is. Right now it is $39.99 with $9.95 shipping to the US. But that may be because I am cheap, and kids grow out of clothes fast. But is it worth it. Yeah I would day so, like I said the materiel is really soft and it cute.


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