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Aww shower they are my only me time without kids…. and even then they try to bug me. We just moved and I needed a new shower head. The one I had was ok, but it was only a head head one. Which alone would not be bad but it had a big “whole” where water never came out. So it was time for a new shower head. But what one to get there? There are so many out there. First time you need to find out is how your water presser is. If yours’ is not great then go with a shower head that just has a small one. If it is anything like time, a dual would be fine as long as you are only using one head at a time. If you are one of the lucky ones that has a strong water presser. Rock the dual shower head the whole time.

This is the shower head I got it is from HotelSpa This one is a 10.5 in rain shower head with a handheld combo. Over all it was really easy to put on. The instructions where really spot on and easy to follow. The hardest part was getting my old shower head off. It even comes with a lower bracket for the handheld one. This is great for my kids. They can shower and grab the shower head without me needing to help reach it.


Here is three different ways the shower heads work. While the first and the third may look the same they are not. The first one does not have the water running in the middle where are the last one has both the middle and outer water coming out.

Here you can see the shower head is up, and the first one the water is one the other one it is off. Like I said I do not have the water presser to keep both on but one at a time has been fine for me. Over all I am loving this shower head. It really does have that you are showering in the rain feeling. If you are looking for a good upgrade I would say get this one from HotelSpa 

If you want to see more how this work check out my video and see it running.

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