Luxury Bath Bombs #BumbleRoad #NextLevelBath

Remember when I said I love bath bombs? Well I found another one that is really nice. This one came from a company called BumbleRoad. They come in a tube with four bath bombs. I have some likes and dislikes about them. First of all I have no clue what each bath bomb scent is because they are not labeled at all. So you really have to just smell them and guess. The one that I tired first had to be some kind of flower. You can see that in the video at the bottom.

I like that they used real dried flowers in it. It gave it this feeling like you are bathing a a tub of roses. However it does leave a little cleaning up to do. It does change your water to whatever the color of the bathbomb is, so the flower one was pink/red. The tub however did not get dyed that part just drained out. It did leave my skin soft too.


Right now you can get your BumbleRoad on Amazon for $14.99. Not bad for 4 bath bombs, and if you have prime you get free shipping in two days! Each bath bomb is about the size of a soft ball.



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