Lavi Beauty Women’s Floral Print Shirt

I have decided to start Dressing Your Truth, and I will tell you more about that in another post. But with that being said I am a type 2, and I needed some shirt that would work good with my type. I have always loved floral prints but I was have always been scared to wear them out and about. But now I decided to jump in with this shirt and I am go glad I did. I am not sure where to start on this review there are so many thing I love about this shirt. Let me start by showing you the picture of this floral shirt from Lavi Beauty

OK so here it is a blue with light pinkish flowers. I love how the shirt falls and feels on me. I love the long sleeves and that it has Cowl Neck. A Cowl Neck is like a turtle neck but it is not tight around the neck. It is rounded and loses. However it does have the strings to make it tight if you want too.

While this is being pitched as a sweater it feels more like a long sleeve shirt. I got mine in XL and it is a little small but not to bad. Over all I am loving this shirt. It is soft and nice.

I would put this on my Christmas list for sure, oh and it comes in thing different floral shirts. I love mine it has been great.

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