Gestational Diabetes and a Small Baby

Yes you did read that right I had gestational diabetes and gave birth to a (very) small baby. Miss Lilly is baby number four for me. I already have three crazy boys, who where all 8.4 and bigger. So when I found out that I had gestational diabetes my first thought was… oh yeah I am going to need a cesarean if she is any thing like my boys. The doctors had tested me for gestational diabetes early due to two factors. One, my oldest son has T1D and two my A1C (a test that they do to check your advantage blood sugar over the cores of 90 days) what high. However we are talking about her being small. How did we find out and how right would it be?

Well at about 21 weeks, you go in to do a growth ultrasound. This is where they count how many finger and toes your baby has. They also look for other factors. With my oldest this is how we found out that he had two wholes in is heart. But this my little girl they could tell she was a little small and wanted another doctor to look at it. They agreed that she was a little small and wanted to keep an eye on her, so every 2-4 week I would go in and do another growth ultrasound.

Also because I was on a small dose of medication due to the gestational diabetes they wanted to start doing a NST (non-stess test) twice a week from 30 weeks until she is here.

NSTs are not so bad they just hook you up to this thing (you can see from the picture, I am not sure what they are called) and you still here for the next 30 mins to 2 hours. They want to see the babies heart rate going up and down enough.

Anyhow when we first did an growth ultrasound she was at the 28 percentile. Then she kept going down. By 36 weeks she was down to the 10th percentile. They became concerned that she was no longer growing and/or no longer getting the nutritionist she needed. My midwife said we should get her out early, even my OBX said we should not let her stay in much longer. They wanted to take her at 38 weeks. By then she was down to the 8th percentile for weight. Putting her at about 6 lbs!

I was so used to having 8.4 plus babies I would not know what to do with such a small one. So May 8th I went in to have my baby. I will tell you about her birth later. All of 5 lbs 13 oz 18 inc long.

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