Gender parties for babies

Gender parties for babies

Are you pregnant? Are you thinking of a good way to tell people if you are having a girl or boy? Well I saw this awhile back and I want to do it when I get pregnant! When you go to get your ultrasound done, ask the teach no to tell you what you are having. Have them put it in a¬†envelope, take it to a baker (or a family member if you don’t like the idea of someone else know what you are having before you). Then ask them to make you a cake with a pink middle if its a girl or blue for boy!

You can also play games and ask you guest to guess the gender of you child. Or see if the old wives tales are telling the truth if your having a boy or girl.

Here are some cute ideas on how to do the cake or cup cake!

Thank you google for all the pictures!
Watch so cute youtube videos of people finding out what they are having:

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