Galaxy S7 Case, NAISU

I love my Galaxy S7, and I love the rose gold color that it comes in. But like all phones you really need to get a good phone case. I don’t know about you but I drop my phone a lot! So I got this cute case that also comes in a rose gold color, the same as the phone. Now I don’t have to cover up the cute color I love so much. Oh you have a Galaxy S7 edge not a problem NAISU Galaxy S7 makes it for the edge too. Oh and they come in 6 different colors. That way you don’t have to get the pink one.

This phone case from NAISU comes in three parts. And they do not fall off easy. I have made a video that shows you how to put it on and how hard it can be a little hard to get on. The edge pieces snack on and you may need to give it a a strong push.

The back is also smooth. I have had a few cases before that where ruff and had things on it. This one is nice and soft.

Over all it is a great phone. Now the video I did this with is my husband’s phone, that is why it is black and not pink. But I needed him to record with my phone so I can do the video.

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