Exfoliating Cleansing Anti-Aging Natural Brightening Sponge

Exfoliating Cleansing Anti-Aging Natural Brightening Sponge & Mask For All Skin Types…. wow that sure is a mouth full. Who would have thought that a little sponge ball could do so much. When I first got this I did not think much of it being a ball. It was half flat and half round. Without giving that much thought I got it wet and washed my face. I found it kinda funny to have soap just coming out of this little sponge! I love how it felt on my face the sponge while it is “scratchy” enough to work as an exfoliation tool it was also soft and smooth.

After washing my face did not feel really dry like some cheap bar soaps can do. But to keep a good route I used lotion too. I loved it. The next day I went back to do the facemask and bosh! It was a ball! I just needed the water to round it out.

The ball is over all small, maybe smaller then a golf ball. (I don’t play golf.) So day two lets do the facemask. It works just like if you are going to wash your face. Add a little water to the ball and start to wash your face with it. Sure it gets a little messy but so does all face wash. Any way back to the facemask, like I said use it just like you would when washing your face. But this time do not wash it off right away, leave it on for 10 minutes.

Don’t mind the funny faces I am making.

Then after 10 minutes wash it off. Then add lotion like always. It really is that simple and great. Make sure you head over Alana Mitchell and get yours today. Best thing is if you have amazon prime… free today shipping!!! Make sure you also check out my video.

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