Do You Want to Build a Snowman with iBase Toy


Well we should have had our second snow fall of the year the day before Halloween. I was so excited for this for two reasons. One I love the snow and two I was excited to build a snowman with my kids. Every year my kids ask to build a snowman and every year they get made that we don’t have things thinks to make him a real snowman. You know a hat, corn pipe, carrot nose and so on. Well this year thanks to iBase Toys they are going to get to have the snowman they want. But now we just have to wait for the snow to get here.

In your kit you get a hat, a scarf, a pip, a carrot nose, 5 small buttons and 5 big ones. The only thing it does not come with, and I get why are the arms. It could be kinda hard to fit two arms in that box. Because I don’t have the snow yet I am going to have to do another review in a few weeks when we can put it in the snow. Over all it is a great kit and I am excited to use it. Make sure you watch my video to see more.

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  • This is a great item for people with snow. We never get snow (thank goodness — reason I live in the South) But my grandkids would love something like this where they live.

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