Darling Voxbox

I love getting Voxboxs from Influenster they are always full with great fun products to try out. This time I six great new things to try out. I got products from: Live Clean baby, Vichy, Nature’s Bounty, Duncan Hines, Eva NYC, and Country Crock.

Out of all of them there are three that I love the most. Live Clean Baby is one of them. It make your little one smell like a newborn again. The lotion is great too, it does not leave your skin feeling sticky or dry.

Then there is the Natures Bounty Energy Gummies,they have this great watermelon taste. And with four kids it does help give me more energy. Most day I just want to lay in bed and watch cartoons with the kids. But now that I have been taking this for a week it has helped me whole keep up with the kids.

The best of all is the Duncan Hines one minute treats. It is a treat in a mug. All you need to add is water and pop it in the microwave for one minute and BAM! Chocolate cake in a mug!

I want to say thank you again to Influenster  for letting me try the wonderful products for free. If you would like to try them to make sure you sign up. All they do is ask you some question whenever a new box is ready to see if it is something you could use. If so they put you one the list of people who get a voxbox.

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