Cupcake Leggings reviews

I have to tell you the truth, I used to hate leggings. No really I did, I think they looked cut but they never fit me right before. Well now that I know what my size really is I thought I would give leggings another try. Oh boy am I glad that I did. BRAUFACTUM LEGGINGS you can get on amazon, and they come in plus size too. This helps me because I am boarder line and having them a little bigger is nicer. Not only are they a little more roomier then other but they are soft. I love how they feels on both the inside and out.

But look at them!!! They are cupcakes! How freaken cute it that. The cupcakes are big and bold. The leggings are a navy blue colors and the cupcakes are both red and brown with some cream colors too. I have found that my maroon shirt works great with it. Now I have not worked up the nerve to wear it outside yet but I love them for around the house.

The leggings go all the way down to my ankles with room to spare. They do not bunch up in places they should not. Or that they are so tight that they are tight in places they should not be. Over all I love my leggings. They are fun and comfortable. They would make a great gift for Christmas time, or anytime for that.

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  • You look freaking adorable in those leggings! I used to hate leggings too until I was given a pair.I fell in love! They are so darn comfy,lol.

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