Cloth diapering with #simbaandmama pocket diapers 

It has been a week and I did it. Yep I have cloth diapered on and off for a week. I saw on and off because I have Noah in a disposable at night and whenever I have him at the gym daycare or any other baby sitter. I have really learned a lot this time around thanks to my co blogger Laura. I got a pocket diaper from a company called Simba and Mama, I just had to get the little lion cub one, its so CUTE. That is one thing I love about cloth diapers they are so freaken cute!

Just like any other cloth you are going to need to wash and hang dry it 3-5 times. This helps to make sure the diaper can adsorbent as much pee with out leaks. The maternal is made of 100% Polyester and really really soft. I have not had any leaks or blow outs using cloth diapers yet.

This is a one size that can be adjusted as you can see my other boys wanted to try it on too. Not sure why I guess its just cool. This first one is Aiden, he is 4 and about 30 lbs.

Here is my 2 year old. As you might be able to tell he is a little chunkier (33 lbs)
Then the baby who is now 5 months and about 20 lbs!
Simba and Mama works great on just about any diapering kid size. Having the small wet bag is great for when we are out too. That way way I can just put the one wet/messy diaper in it and go.
I am going to just keep chugging a long cloth diapering. It really is so much easy now that I understand it more.  Simba and Mama

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