Christmas Snowflake are Falling in My House

I love Christmas, it is by far my favorite time of the year. This year my house looks more festive then ever thanks to Christmas Snowflake. This set came with: 6 snowflake paper card swirls + 10 snowflake foil cutouts swirls + 14 double spiral swirls. This helped to really pull the room together. I was able to put 4 snowflakes on each side of the arch and then some of the smaller swirls in the middles so we can walk in the room. 

There are two different types of snowflakes too. This helps to add extra texture and fun to the room.

While Christmas is a great time to use your snowflakes you can also use it for other parties. A birthday parts, baby shower, or even just for a fun snow day inside. I just love the way my room looks now. I really did give it the extra love that it needed.


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