Camping with kids

We just got back from camping and my boys did a lot better then I thought they would. We went with our church group for there where a few familiars with kids my kids age. The drive was nice but it was a two hour drive. We made sure to pack a bag of goodies. Things you might want to bring that we found helped us was: snacks (nothing sweet), stickers and a sticker book, coloring book and a few of their favorite toys. Now if you have a portable DVD player I would bring it too. My parents went with us and so two of my three boys went with them. Logan (my 2 year old) took a nap the whole way up. We also planned on going up about his nap time so that helped too.

Once we got up there the kids where really excited to help put the camp trailer up. Yes ok we did not do tents but I am ok with that! There where a few things I learned off the bat that you need to make sure you pack… because I forgot:

1. A first aid kit. I know your thinking hello your a mom you should always have something on you. But I did not, and of course Aiden fell and hurt his hand. Thank goodness my dad is used to camping with kids (he has 6 grandson) he had what we needed. Aiden is ok now and has a cool story to tell of when he went camping the first time.

2.Bring a flash light! It gets dark lol.
3. Sunscreen
4 Insect repellent
5 Extra water

There are a few other things you should bring any way, like cloths, blankets, pillows, something to sleep in ie a tent. But I am only listing the things I forgot! With Noah because he id so small I ended up baby wearing him almost the hole time. It was easier on both he and I.

So if you have a baby one years old or younger, or even one who does not walk to well let you might want to bring a baby carrier.

Once we got all set up and we took a hike with the boys. This was good for two main reasons; one they got out of the two hour car ride and got to walk around (get their energy out) and two, it was a great teaching moment.

We started to walk into a grass field, where the boys learned all about dandelions. We then went up a hill and told the boys they always have to stay close and look and listen for animals. Then we found this really big cool tree and had to take pictures next to it.

When we got back from the hike it was time for dinner. You can’t have a good camp-out with a good tin foil dinner (click for how we made it), and S’mores My boys however did not want to eat the tin foil dinner so cook hot dogs, and loved every second of it.
This was Aiden and Logan’s first S’more. They where so excited to cook it that they took one bite and said they where done! They love marshmallows and they love to cook the marshmallows but they don’t like eating them. By the end of the night the boys where all tuckered out.
The next day we took them to the cliff side. I think I was more scared then they where. Over all we had a ton of fun. The kids got to run around and learn new things.


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