Breastfeeding Weight lost, not going well

Well I am at a lost again. I have 4 kids, and each time I worked out and lost a little weight. But now nothing I am doing is working. I am eating 2300 calories a day while working out. I am trying to burn 100 calories. I know not to go less then 2000 calories a day while breastfeeding because it can make your supply go down. But it seams like the days I count and workout my supply does do gone and the days I don’t count I don’t have a problem….

I would like to get down to 135, but I know to start my goals small first. This helps me going and not feeling bad. So I am going to try and hit 160. As of this morning I am 174. The heaviest I have ever been, even while pregnant. It brakes my heart. And I am hungry all the time. I am going to keep working on it, not only working out but loving the skin I am in right now. But I also hate to go shopping right now too. I would love for you all to follow me in my weight lost journey. I am not going to stop. At the end of the day I want to be able to keep up with my boys, have the stamina I need to play with them.

So here is what I am at now. I fit into size 16 pants, XL, tops, 5′ 7″ and 174 lbs. I want to hit size 12 pants, L tops and 160 lbs right now. One say I would love to hit size 10 or 8 back to a M top and 140 lbs. This is me, this is raw.



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  • Oh please don’t feel so bad. Things change and your body reacts differently. Please just keep the consistency of exercising as you can. It will eventually hit on the right track. It always looks darker before it gets lighter. I look forward to your next post on how you are doing.

  • How are you doing this week? Please don’t give up hope.

    • Well I found out that I have a thyroid problem that is the big reason why I am not losing and weight. I am working on getting my thyroid fixed and then I should be able to take some lbs off!

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