Bluetooth Shower Speaker

I am totally guilty of singing in the shower. And the louder the better. But up until a few days ago I have been using my phone near the shower to get my tunes. And I have to say I hate using my phone speakers, they are not loud enough. So I had to find something. I needed a shower speaker, but a good one. I have had ones before that where ok. But this one from AncordWorks is really amazing.

First of all it not only came with the speaker but also a changer and a USB looking drive that you use the memory card with. This way you can download your music and listen to it on the speaker. But if you are anything like me and are lazy, I just listen to my music via spotify, using the bluetooth.

But really how well does this speaker work? Lets just say I can feel the base in my heart! This get so loud that I can jam my music as loud as I want in my shower! Make sure you check out my video so you can hear it yourself. I like that it has a clip on it so I can also hook it only my pant loops and walk around the house. Don’t worry about putting it in your shower it is waterproof and it has a really strong suction cup on it.

The bottom line is, if you love music and want to sing in the shower. You would get your AncordWorks Bluetooth shower speaker. It is by far the best one that I ever had.


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