Black Magic Charcoal Toothpaste

We all know how good activated charcoal and coconut oil is for your skin but how about your teeth? OH yeah its great for your teeth. The coconut oil is great to help pull toxins out and the activated charcoal (and baking soda) is great for whitening your teeth without bleach. Best way to try this our is with BlackMagic.

Not only does Black Magic help to whiten your teeth without bleach, but it natural and has organic ingredients. Almost anyone can use it. I say almost because it is not recommended for kids under 2 or kids who still are not good at spitting the toothpaste.

Be prepared for your teeth to come out black! No wait…. yes… black… When you brush with it, it is in fact black (might be why they call it black magic lol)


It feels good though. You do not have the bubbly feeling like you get from other toothpaste. However when you are done your teeth feel nice and clean. It has a hint of mint flavor without being.. you know… OMG MINT!!!! Not only does it make my teeth feel clean but it makes it feel cleaner longer even after eating. I am a big fan and will keep buying this brand.

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