Birthstone Necklace Great for any Gifts

While I love this necklace I would not really call it a birthstone necklace. Most of the time when people talk about it being a birthstone, you should be able to pick out any of the 12 months. But it is a beautiful rhinestone necklace nonetheless. It comes with six different colors to change out. I was not sure at first how you would be able to change it out but it is magnetic.

I was surprised how well it help it too. It was easy to take off but does not fall off easy. However the only time I had it fall off on me was when I was trying on clothes at a store. But I found it. So if you are trying on a bunch of clothes just be careful.

Other then that it stayed on all day. It is every elegant, and shiny. You would not look at this and think that is was under $50! The chain is strong and looks nice. As you can see from the two pictures, that round thing in the middle is the¬†magnetic. And the stone sits right in the middle. It is also surrounded with “diamond” stones in the shape of an infinity symbol.

This would really make a great gift for any woman. I love mine and ware it often. Because you can change the colors out helps with that too. I can pick what will match my outfit and change the stone out. If you would like to buy one. Make sure you head over to amazon and check it out.¬†Caperci Magnetic Created Round CZ Gemstone Infinity Pendant Necklace, 18”, 6 Replaceable Birthstones



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