Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips snack time

Well it has been back to school time for a week now. While my son is starting 1st grade they are still letting him have snacks. I have been looking at what might be a good snack. I try to keep two things in mind when picking out snacks for him… well more then two but. How many carbs are in them (he has T1D) and is it healthy? So when I found out that Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips has 18 carbs for every 12 chips. I thought this would be a great simple snack…. if only he would get it. Like all good six years old he can be picky eater. But not when it comes to Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips. He loves it and so do I. So if he does not eat the chips… then I will.


Best thing is, they are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and come in seven different flavors. Aiden’s favortie by far was ether the Nacho, or the Pico de Gallo. I like the Barbecue and the black bean one. The black bean one taste like…. imagine you are at a mexican restaurant and you dipping your chips into a bean dip. That is what it taste like. It is sooooo beyond good. My husband loves the Jalapeño Nacho, it has a hind of spice without being unbearable. Oh so the flavors I forgot to tell you the other ones: Nacho, Sea Salt, Pico de Gallo,
Jalapeño Nacho, Black Bean, White Bean, and Barbecue.

So when I got my kit to sample it came with a big bag of each and a few small bags of each. I have to tell you my kids pumped right in and helped themselves. I did not even have time to tell them they are not normal chips.

My 2 year old was so invloved in trying everyone that he even wanted to try the Jalapeño Nacho one. At first bite you can tell he was not expecting it to be spicy. But then the just kept eating it. I think it has a little bite to it but it is not over spicy.

There are a few places you can go to get your Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

After trying them out I was able to let me son take some of the smaller bags to school for snack time. And maybe hide a few chips for me.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Moms Meet for working with me on this product review. I love being partnered with Moms Meet and all that they do.






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