Baby books?

I have to say with my first kid I wanted so bad to make a baby book. There where so many different types out there too. Ones you can get for when you are pregnant, ones for the first year, and even my church makes one that has special evens at special ages. Well I got one, and the first few days of my little one being born I so wrote it in. But then a week went by, then two, and then a month. I stopped writing. I wanted to put something in them but I was never sure. Or I was just plane lazy.

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Some people even go as far as making them a facebook page or even a blog and write in there every day for their kids. I love it I think it is so great. But I know after a few days I would fall off again. But I really want to keep a book for them. Especially seance Aiden got diagnosed with type one. I wanted him to know how well he did or if I had a hard day with it. But how do I keep myself going and keeping up with a book?

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Well I had some friends over, and for me that is a big deal. Anyhow we where talking about it and she told me that she writes in it once a month. And to keep up with the date she picked the day they where born on. Then she sits down and writes about things that happened that month. I loved that idea. I think I can do that. I wanted to share that with you for anyone who wants to keep a baby book but might be bad at it like me. Now mind you that is 4 times a month that I am having to write things down but I think I can do it. Best of all it does not have to be a nice fancy journal, really just any book will do.

I am going to be working on that this month for my kids. I hope this helps you other moms if you want to start a baby book. Don’t worry so much about catching up at first, just start with now. Then if you remember special stories you want to share, add them in as you go.

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