Aiden’s 5th Birthday with the help of Birthday In A Box

Well my baby is now 5 years old. It was his first real party and I did not know where to start. It did not help that he kept changing him mind on what kind of party he wanted. After awhile he said batman and we told him that was it and he could not change his mind. But where do we start from there? That is when you turn to Birthday in a Box.

They have this Ultimate Batman party kit. It servers 8 people and has everything I needed. The table cloth was nice a big. and the centerpieces where really nice.

It also came with plates, napkins, knifes, spoons and face masks.
Aiden was on cloud 9! He even had a batman shirt to wear. I tell you not having to worry about what I needed for the party was a big help. Everything I need was right in the box. I guess that is why they call it Birthday in a Box!
While it did come with balloons you will need to take them to the store to fill them up.
If you are having a part and not sure where to start, start with Birthday in a Box. Oh and it is not just birthday stuff. They have everything you need to host a great Christmas party or even a Star Wars party.
I want to say thank you to Birthday in a Box for helping this mom make a great 5th birthday party for my son.

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